Estah was established as a society in 2009 and re-registered as a trust in 2014 with the intent of supporting and encouraging rural people especially farmers to achieve sustained economic growth through agriculture and community development. We engage with 14 like-minded established corporations, investors and leading influencers from politics, science and social sectors to bring about a revolution right from the very niche the rural areas. We have been able to positively impact and influence 46,59,866 people directly since Estah has been originated.


Vision –

  • Estah idealistically aims to transform the conventional methods of agriculture and the lives of the farmers through an amassed and a potentially viable effort with the help of various programs designed purely for the purpose of training the farmers on the concepts of sustainable and natural farming techniques.

  • Our vision is to create an asset-based community where there are no undue losses to the farmers and the people within the community.


Mission –

Estah helps farmers in tackling problems that arise in agricultural aspects by training them in more socioeconomic models of farming such as-

  • CSA- Community Supported Agriculture,
  • Zero-Budget Farming
  • Use of Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides,
  • Multi-Cropping and Integrated Farming and,


A special program designed by Estah’s founder, Mr. Atchuta Rao called FACT which stands for- Farmer and Consumer Technology– a concept of Smart Agriculture.

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