The vision of ESTAH Society is to help agricultural entrepreneurs in flourishing to given birth to a new hope for the rural community. ESTAH has impacted lives of women and children effectively with several social programs with the help of improved farming technologies and FACT farming solutions. ESTAH has strengthened and build hope for 40,000 families in the country.

Tata Building School

  • In this program, around 30,000 schools in 40 cities were covered which benefited 40 lakh students. 

NSDC (national skill development centre programme)-

  • In the CSED- Kids Activity Program assisted by Christ Academy, interns aimed to teach children in various areas in the city & gated communities about sustainable ways to improve our environment and ecosystem. They also trained them in various skills and made them a part of cultural activities.

Jevanjyothi housar and eternal joy home Hyderabad –

ESTAH raised funding of 4.5 lacs through Capital One India to support Jevanjyothi Hosur and Eternal joy HomeHyderabad to be self-sustainable children homes. This will impact on the decrease of future orphans and has already allowed orphans to return to extended family members who can now afford to care for them due to increased levels of self-produced income. 

The farm will supplement the school children’s meals with fresh
fruits and vegetables. Peanuts for protein in order to provide
better food security, a healthier & more varied diet. Also to reduce the need for sponsor funding to purchase food or seek medical care for issues
related to malnutrition. 


To help the orphanage provide food for the children, thereby fighting malnutrition.

To teach sustainable farming to the community, which will help local families for a better quality of life.

Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Development or CSED has promoted the TATA Building India School Contact Program to empower children by providing exemplary education.

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